2017-18 State Budget Community Consultation

The Government is committed to continuing its established process of strong engagement with the Tasmanian Community.

Community consultation is an important part of the annual Budget development process. Input from the community into this process is highly valued by the Government. The consultation process provides all Tasmanians with the opportunity to have input into the Budget decisions which shape the delivery of services to our community.

While Ministers and Government agencies meet with community groups and individuals on a wide range of issues on a continuous basis, this process provides a specific opportunity for input to the budget development process.

Careful financial management remains a top priority for the Government, and a higher weighting will be given to submissions that are consistent with the Government's long-term Plan for Tasmania's future and those that are either cost-neutral or identify off-setting savings.

To ensure the 2017-18 Budget community consultation process encompasses the diversity of issues faced by the Tasmanian community, consultation will occur in two phases: (1) targeted consultation with peak non-government organisations (NGOs); and (2) open consultation with the broader community.

What is the targeted process?

Direct contact will be made with specific peak NGOs, inviting these organisations to make a submission to the 2017-18 Budget community consultation process.

What is the open process?

Advertisements were placed in the three major Tasmanian newspapers on 22 October 2016 seeking written submissions from the Tasmanian community.

All community groups and individuals can make submissions to the process.

When are submissions due?

Written submissions are due by Friday, 9 December 2016.

What should I include in my submission?

Issues which may be addressed in the body of the written submission include:

  • the environment in which your organisation currently operates;
  • identification of services that you or your organisation considers should be a high priority for the Government;
  • links between identified priorities and the Government's long-term Plan for Tasmania's future;
  • identification of instances where Government goods and services could be delivered more effectively. That is, in a better way, or more successfully;
  • identification of instances where Government goods and services could be delivered more efficiently, or in a more timely manner; and
  • identification of options for the funding of goods and services.

The information included in the body of the submission should provide supporting details, information, and discussion in relation to any recommendations. This will assist readers in gaining a good understanding of why the issue is important to you or your organisation.

How do I provide my submission?

Please forward your submission to the relevant agency listed below, if your submission addresses a number of issues across Departments please provide a copy of your submission to each relevant Department.

   AgencyContactEmail addressPostal address
EducationAaron Gaddaaron.gadd@education.tas.gov.auGPO Box 169 Hobart TAS 7001
Health and Human ServicesElla Haddadella.haddad@dhhs.tas.gov.auGPO Box 125 Hobart TAS 7001


Justice will also be responsible for forwarding public submissions on to the Integrity Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution and Office of the Ombudsman
Gavin Wailesgavin.wailes@justice.tas.gov.auGPO Box 825 Hobart TAS 7001

Police, Fire and Emergency Management

Marijke Harrismarijke.harris@police.tas.gov.auGPO Box 308 Hobart TAS 7001

Premier and Cabinet

David Strongdavid.strong@dpac.tas.gov.auGPO Box 123 Hobart TAS 7001
Primary Industries, Parks, Water and EnvironmentMurray Rootmurray.root@dpipwe.tas.gov.auGPO Box 44 Hobart TAS 7000
State GrowthGraham Murraygraham.murray@stategrowth.tas.gov.auGPO Box 536
Hobart TAS 7001
Treasury and FinanceMichael Richmondmichael.richmond@treasury.tas.gov.auGPO Box 147
Hobart TAS 7001
Tourism TasmaniaMark Jonesmark.jones@tourism.tas.gov.auGPO Box 399
Hobart TAS 7001

General Queries

For any general enquires in relation to the process please contact Tom McDonald on (03) 6166 4139.
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