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AUSkey for Tasmanian Payroll tax payers
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AUSkey is the single secure online credential (or ‘key’) for business-to-government transactions. It provides access to government online services. It is common to all the government agencies providing support for SBR-enabled reporting.

Over time, your AUSkey will allow you to login to a range of other business to government websites and services.

Get more information about AUSkey external link including features and benefits, help with registration and technical support

Using AUSkey with the Tasmanian State Revenue Office

You can use your AUSkey to access Tasmanian Revenue Online (TRO).

AUSkey can also be used to lodge Payroll Tax Periodic Returns and Annual Adjustment Returns through (Standard Business Reporting) SBR-enabled software.

Before you can use your AUSkey for either of these purposes, you need to link your AUSkey to our systems.

Linking AUSkey to your TRO account

1. Register for AUSkey external link and install it on your computer or USB stick.

2. Go to Tasmanian Revenue Online Login screen, enter your TRO user name and password in the top section of the login screen, then click ‘Login’ (see Figure 1).

Important: if you are accessing your AUSkey from a USB stick, you must run the web browser from the same USB stick.

Figure 1 - TRO Login Screen

3. Click on ‘Link Auskey’ in the left hand column (see Figure 2). If your AUSkey is already linked, an ‘Unlink Auskey’ link will display.

Important: if neither link appears you have not provided your ABN to the State Revenue Office. You can send your ABN by e-mail

Figure 2 - TRO Link AUSkey screen

4. On the AUSkey login screen, select your AUSkey credential, enter your password and click ‘Continue’ (see Figure 3).

Figure 3 - AUSkey login screen

5. When you have entered the correct AUSkey details, you will be automatically taken back to TRO.

6. Once you have linked your AUSkey within TRO, you must always login to TRO by clicking on the Login button in the AUSkey section of the login screen (see Figure 1).