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Guidelines for Property Buyers

Guidelines for Property Buyers
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Objections, Reviews and Appeals Public GuidelineYou have a right to lodge an objection when you are dissatisfied with tax assessments or certain decisions of the Commissioner of State Revenue (the Commissioner). This guideline provides information on how to lodge an objection, how to request a review of an objection determination and how to lodge an appeal against an objection determination. (Current)
Qualifying Home Business Concession GuidelineThis document is a guideline to eligibility requirements for a qualifying home business concession. (Current)
Tasmanian Compliance StrategyCompliance Strategy 2014 (Current)
Land Tax Public GuidelineGuidance on who pays land tax, how it is calculated, how it can be paid and what exemptions and rebates are available. (Current)
Transfer to Married Couples, Couples in a Significant Relationship or Caring Partners GuidelineThis guideline outlines when duty is not chargeable on a transfer under Section 55 of the Duties Act 2001,
Easements & CovenantsThis page describes how duty is assessed when you acquire an easement or a covenant, it includes a definition of both.
Taxation Administration Act 1997 - Public GuidelineSummary of the provisions of the TAA including details of the state taxation acts subject to its provisions (Current)
Sub-Sales provisions GuidelineInformation regarding the abolition of duty on agreements for sale, announced in the 2009-10 Tasmanian State Budget Agreements for sale have been removed from the list of dutiable transactions in section 6(1)(b) of the Duties Act 2001. (Current)
Easements and Covenants GuidelineClarification on when the Duties Act 2001 applies to easements, restrictive covenants, notable interests and agreements under Part 5 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993. (Current)
Special Disability Trust Exemption GuidelineThis guideline provides information on applying for a Special Disability Trust Exemption from land tax and property transfer duty. (Current)
First Home Owner Grant - Established Homes and Off the Plan Purchases GuidelineInformation on the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) if you are purchasing an established home, a new home or an off the plan home in Tasmania (Current)
First Home Owner Grant - Building a Home GuidelineInformation on the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) if you are having a home built in Tasmania by a registered builder (Current)
First Home Owner Grant - Owner Builder GuidelineInformation on the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) for owner builders in Tasmania (Current)
2012 Property Transfer Duty Rate Change fact sheetInformation on changes to the rates and thresholds for calculation of Property Transfer Duty.
First Home Builder Boost GuidelineInformation on the First Home Builders Boost (Current)
Transfer to Married Couples, Couples in a Significant Relationship or Caring PartnersInformation on conditions applying to exemption, or refund, of Property Transfer Duty between parties to a marriage, significant relationship or caring relationship
Debt ManagementAn outline of the State Revenue Office approach to debt management.
Duty on House and Land PackagesGuideline for duty on house and land packages (Current)
Definition of a Registered Trustee - GuidelineDefines a registered trustee company for the purpose of principal residence land classifcation under the Land Tax Act 2000 (Current)
First Home Owner Grant Commissioner's Discretion GuidelineInformation on when the Commissioner may exercise discretion in relation to the First Home Owner Grant and First Home Builder Boost. (Current)