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The legislative packages prepared by Treasury in relation to legislation for which we are responsible to the Treasurer are available on the Parliament’s website at (see Bills: Passage of Bills or an Annual List of Bills for legislative packages from 2009 onwards).

Most parts of the legislative packages prepared in relation to all legislation initiated by the State Government are available in the Bills section of this website.

A legislative package is developed for each piece of legislation and consists of a Second Reading Speech, the Notes on Clauses and a Fact Sheet. The package is distributed to parliamentarians when legislation is first introduced into Parliament to outline the key features of the legislation.

The Second Reading Speech details the broad principles behind the legislation being introduced into Parliament. It is usually four or five pages long and it is read by the Minister responsible for the legislation in the particular chamber.

Notes on Clauses explain the intent of each Clause of the legislation and are generally considered during the ‘committee stage’ of the debate in Parliament, when each clause is typically considered separately.

The Fact Sheet is a brief, one-page summary of the legislation, and is also provided to media representatives.

All legislative packages are added to the Parliament’s website once the legislation has been approved by either the House of Assembly or the Legislative Council.

It should be noted that while the legislative package is not amended as a result of any changes made during the course of the parliamentary debate, the Bills on Parliament's website reflect the changes made by the relevant house. For example, if amendments are made by the House of Assembly, the amended Bill that is submitted to the Legislative Council can be found on Parliament's website.

Final versions of the legislation enacted by Parliament are obtainable from the website of the Office of Parliamentary Counsel at

Hide details for Treasury Legislation in 2013Treasury Legislation in 2013

Act Number
Motor Accidents (Liabilities and Compensation) Amendment Act 2013
Electricity Supply Industry Amendment (Feed-in Tariffs and other Matters) Act 2013
Taxation and Related Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2013
Audit Amendment Act 2013
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Act (No.1 ) 2013
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Act (No.2) 2013
Taxation Relief Act 2013
Gaming (Miscellaneous) Amendments Act 2013
Consolidated Fund Appropriation (Supplementary Appropriation for 2012-13) Act 2013
Electricity Reform (Implementation) Act 2013
Jobs Package (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2013
Public Sector Superannuation (Miscellaneous) Amendments Act 2013

Hide details for Treasury Legislation in 2012Treasury Legislation in 2012

Act Number
Electricity Reform Act 2012
Water and Sewerage Corporation Act 2012
Taxation Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2012
Parliament Square Planning Permit Act 2012
Financial Management and Audit Amendment Act 2012
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2012
Consolidated Fund Appropriation Act (No. 2) 2012
Consolidated Fund Appropriation (Supplementary Appropriation for 2011-12) Act 2012

Show details for Treasury legislation in 2011Treasury legislation in 2011

Show details for Treasury legislation in 2010Treasury legislation in 2010

Show details for Treasury legislation in 2009Treasury legislation in 2009