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Liquor and Gaming Forums

The Commissioner for Licensing conducted industry information forums for liquor and gaming licensees, managers and staff during February and March 2010.

Nine sessions were held around the State to give all licensees an opportunity to participate.

The purpose of the forums was to provide:-

  • the liquor and gaming industry with the latest information on liquor (and some gaming) policy and laws;
  • an opportunity for the industry to engage and meet with the Commissioner for Licensing; and
  • a forum to discuss industry issues and concerns.

The aim of the sessions was to share information with the industry and gain feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of current regulation and policies, and possible future amendments and policy initiatives.

Some of the matters canvassed at the forums included an update on regulation and policy, the role of statutory authorities in the regulation of the sale of liquor and conduct of gaming, signage, penalties, responsible service of alcohol and conduct of gaming, late night trading; conduct of liquor accords; self assessment; player protection measures in gaming and an overview of National and State issues impacting on the regulation of the sale of liquor and provision of gaming.

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As result of the forums a list of the most asked questions and answers have been compiled for you information: