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Minor Gaming

Minor gaming is gaming where the proceeds are used for a not-for-profit organisation or for charitable reasons (such as education, welfare, sport and recreation), and not for the private gain or benefit of any person, except by way of charity.

The Tasmanian Gaming Commission has authorised a number of games including bingo, raffles, lucky envelopes and Tassie’s best punter as minor gaming.

You must be 18 years old and a responsible person to hold a minor gaming permit.

formatting bullet What's New?
Provides a brief summary of the changes (effective from 1 October 2007) resulting from a review of minor gaming activities in Tasmania.
formatting bulletApplication Form
You need to apply for a permit if you want to conduct minor gaming in Tasmania. Permits are valid for one or two years. The fee for one year is $111.00 and two years is $155.40.
formatting bulletMinor Gaming Conditions
Minor gaming permits are issued subject to these conditions.
formatting bulletRules and Conditions of each Game
The Commission has determined the rules and conditions of each game.
formatting bulletIndividual Notification Form for each Game
Once you have a permit, you need to notify the Commission at least seven days before conducting a game of your intention to conduct it. You must not conduct a game unless you have notified the Commission.
formatting bulletExempt Games
The Commission may declare a game to be an “exempt game”. Exempt games do not require a minor gaming permit. Under some circumstances, tipping competitions, raffles, sweepstakes and Anzac Day two-up are exempt games.
formatting bulletTrade Promotions
You do not need a permit to conduct a trade promotion in Tasmania, but certain conditions apply.
formatting bulletApplication Form for the Tasmanian Gaming Commission to authorise a new Game
All new games are authorised by the Commission. If you have an idea for a new game, you need to complete an application form.
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