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Rules and Standards for Gambling

In order to ensure that gambling in Tasmania is conducted in a fair and proper manner, the Tasmanian Gaming Commission has set a number of rules and standards that must be followed.

    Gambling Product Advertising Standards

    These Standards have been made by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission and are further to the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania. They affect all gambling operators in Tasmania from 1 September 2012.

    Gambling Product Advertising Standards

    Gambling Product Advertising Standards - Fact Sheet

    Surveillance Standards

    The Tasmanian Gaming Commission has approved a set of technical surveillance standards for Clubs and Hotels issued with a Licensed Premises Gaming Licence. These are the minimum standards that the surveillance systems at these premises must meet.

    Surveillance Standards for Clubs, Hotels and Tote Agent Outlets

    As part of these surveillance standards each venue issued with a Licensed Premises Gaming Licence must complete a certification form stating that their surveillance system meets the Commission standards. This certification should be completed whenever changes are made to the position of gaming equipment.

    Certification of Surveillance Standards

    Should a venue be asked to provide a copy of footage from their surveillance system, the individual copying the footage must complete a surveillance statement outlining the time and date they copied the footage and surrendering ownership of the copied footage to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission.

    Surveillance Statement

    Our application forms and information guidelines are in PDF format for downloading and printing. To open them you will need a reader such as Adobe Acrobat, available from their website.