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Number Treasurer's Instructions Attachments
Government Business Enterprises
Part 06 Charters and Plans
GBE 06-39-06Corporate Plan TI-GBE-06-39-06-Corporate-Plan.pdf 110 kb
TI-GBE-06-39-06-Corporate-Plan-Guidelines.pdf 374 kb
GBE 06-41-02Statement of Corporate Intent TI-GBE-06-41-02-statement-of-corporate-intent.pdf 106 kb
TI-GBE-06-39-06-Corporate-Plan-Guidelines.pdf 374 kb
Part 07 Financial Affairs
GBE 07-44-01Investments TI-GBE-07-44-01-Investment.pdf 71 kb
Part 08 Accounting Records, Financial Statements and Reports
GBE 08-51-05Application of Australian Accounting Standards GBE-TI-08-51-05.pdf 63 kb
GBE 08-52-06Requirements and Certification of Financial Statements GBE-TI-08-52-06.pdf 74 kb
GBE 08-55-05Annual Report and Statement of Compliance TI-GBE-08-55-05-Annual-Report-Statement-Compliance.pdf 90 kb
GBE 08-57-07Quarterly Reports TI - GBE 08-57-07 Quarterly Reports.pdf 85 kb
Part 09 Community Service Obligations
GBE 09-60-01Application for Community Service Obligations GBE-TI-09-60-01.pdf 116 kb
GBE 13-114-04Community Service Obligations GBE-TI-13-114-04.pdf 137 kb
Part 10 National Taxation Equivalent Regime
GBE 10-66-01National Taxation Equivalent Regime - Implementation GBE-TI-10-66-01.pdf 97 kb
NTER Manual - February 2012 - Version 8.pdf 176 kb
GBE 10-67-05National Taxation Equivalent Regime - Prescribed Government Business Enterprises and Prescribed Subsidiaries GBE-TI-10-67-05.pdf 78 kb
Part 11 Guarantee Fees and Dividends
GBE 11-78-05Guarantee Fees TI-GBE-11-78-05-Guarantee-Fees.pdf 48 kb
TI-GBE-11-78-05-Guarantee-Fee-Policy-Guidelines.pdf 254 kb
GBE 13-114-05Dividends GBE-TI-13-114-05.pdf 337 kb
Part 13 Miscellaneous
GBE 13-114-07Public Sector Superannuation Issues GBE-TI-13-114-07.pdf 140 kb
GBE 13-114-08Obtaining Legal Advice as to the Scope and Functions, Powers and Responsibilities GBETI-13-114-08.pdf 85 kb