Review of the Tasmanian Wholesale Electricity Market Regulatory Pricing Framework

A review of the Tasmanian wholesale electricity market regulatory pricing framework was announced in the 2017-18 State Budget.

The Treasurer has approved the Terms of Reference and requested the Department of Treasury and Finance to undertake the Review. The Terms of Reference can be accessed below.

The Department of Treasury and Finance welcomes written submissions to the Review from interested parties. A Guide to Submissions, outlining questions for consideration as part of the Review, can be accessed below.

The closing date for written submissions is 15 December 2017. Written submissions should identify and detail evidence in support of views and arguments.

Unless the author of the submission requests confidentiality in relation to the submission (or any part of the submission), submissions may be published on the Department of Treasury and Finance's website. It would be preferable that those parts of a submission that are requested to be confidential be submitted as an attachment to that part suitable for publication. Alternatively, the material for which a request of confidentiality is made should be clearly identified.

Treasury will not publish submissions which contain material that it believes is, or could be, derogatory or defamatory.

Submissions by email are preferred. Submissions may be made to: 

or to

Wholesale Electricity Regulatory Pricing Framework Review
Department of Treasury and Finance
GPO Box 147, Hobart TAS 7001


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