Apply for a Gaming Licence

New Applicants

Apply for a Licensed Premises Gaming Licence

Individuals, partnerships, companies or incorporated bodies may apply to operate keno and/or gaming machines at licensed premises in Tasmania.

Apply for Special Employee's and Technician's Licence

Special employee's and technician's licences allow licence holders to be employed in the gaming industry to undertake specific functions.

Apply for a Tasmanian Gaming Licence

A Tasmanian Gaming Licence allows the holder to conduct gaming activities including by means of a telecommunications device (such as internet gaming). Activities that fall under a Tasmanian Gaming Licence include sports betting, simulated gaming, betting exchange, race wagering, totalizator and major lotteries.

The Gaming Control Act 1993 does not provide for the conduct in Tasmania of online poker, or any other internet based gaming activities apart from those listed above. As such, the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission cannot consider applications for a Tasmanian Gaming Licence for these games.

Apply for listing on the Roll of Recognised Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Gaming Equipment

Individuals wishing to manufacture, sell or supply gaming machines, gaming machine games and gaming equipment; or service, repair, test or maintain gaming equipment need to apply for listing on the Roll.

Apply for a Foreign Games Permit

A Foreign Games Permit allows the selling of tickets in a game or lottery in Tasmania where there is an approval for that game or lottery to be run in another jurisdiction. The provider must be licensed to operate the game or lottery in the other jurisdiction.

Existing Licence Holders

If you already hold a gaming licence, the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission will notify you well in advance of your licence expiring that it needs to be renewed and how to do it.