Roll of Recognised Manufacturers

Applying for listing on the Roll of Recognised Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Gaming Equipment

Section 70 of the Gaming Control Act 1993 requires the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission to maintain a list of people who manufacture or supply, or intend to manufacture or supply gaming equipment to gaming operators, casino operators or minor gaming operators within Tasmania. This list is referred to as the Roll of Recognised Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Gaming Equipment.

If you wish to do any of the following, you must apply to the Commission for listing on the Roll:

  • manufacture, sell or supply gaming machines and gaming machine games of a type approved by the Commission in accordance with the Gaming Control Act 1993;

  • manufacture, sell or supply other gaming equipment including casino equipment, cards or minor gaming products approved by the Commission in accordance with the Act;

  • enter into arrangements with licensed operators and licensed providers to service, repair or maintain gaming equipment through the services of licensed technicians; and

  • supply testing services to a holder of a Tasmanian Gaming Licence, a gaming operator or casino operator.

  Application for listing on the roll    (152Kb)

  Associate Application Information   (130Kb)

  Associate Application Form   (235Kb)

   Associate Company application form   (141Kb)


Acon Technology Pty LtdInternational Casino Services Pty Ltd
Ainsworth Game Technology LimitedItech Global Pty Ltd
ALLF Pty LtdJmac Graphics Pty Ltd
Angel Playing Cards Singapore Pte LtdKonami Australia Pty Ltd
Angel Playing Cards Technology Australia Pty LtdMaxgaming QLD Pty Ltd
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty LtdMorpho Australasia Pty Ltd 
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group LimitedNational Australia Bank Limited
BMM Australia Pty LtdOdyssey Gaming Services Pty Limited 
BSG Australia Pty LtdPaltronics Australasia Pty Ltd
Bytecraft Systems Pty LtdQALab Pty Ltd
Ebet Gaming Systems Pty LtdSG Gaming ANZ Pty Ltd
ecash Gaming Pty LtdTabcorp Holdings Limited
Enex Pty LtdTabcorp Wagering Holdings Pty Ltd
Gametek Global Pty LtdTCS John Huxley Australia Pty Ltd
GTA Pty LtdTranscity Group Pty Ltd
IGT (Australia) Pty LtdUbet QLD Limited
Independent Gaming Pty LtdUtopia Gaming Systems Pty Ltd 
Indopacific Gaming Australia Pty LtdWestpac Banking Corporation

Current as at 9 April 2018

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