Changes to liquor licensing legislation September 2016

Changes to the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 and regulations commenced on 1 September 2016. An overview of the changes is included in the following fact sheet: Overview of changes to the liquor licensing legislation.

Licensees, permit holders and Registered Training Organisations were sent information about the changes in August 2016. For more detailed information access these guides, fact sheets and forms, or contact the Liquor and Gaming Branch at

New sales data collection and reporting requirements for wholesalers and producers were introduced. Licence holders who are wholesalers and producers will be contacted by the Liquor and Gaming Branch in late 2016 to discuss these new requirements and to assist affected licence holders to comply with the legislation.

Guide to Tasmanian Liquor Licensing Laws for Licence Holders

Guide to Tasmanian Liquor Licensing Laws for Liquor Permit Holders

Fact sheets

Advertising and promotion of liquor

Banning liquor products

Barring orders

Best interests of the community

Disciplinary actions

Evidence of age documents

Fit and proper assessments


Minimum age to sell or serve liquor

Offences relevant to licensees, permit holders and their staff

Offences relevant to members of the public

Notifying the Commissioner for Licensing of a change

Sale of liquor through the Internet or other media

Small producer's permit


Barring order form for licensees and permit holders

Employing a person under 16 to sell or serve liquor application form

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