​Commission remuneration for the 2016-17 financial year

The compensation model was determined by the Treasurer prior to the recruitment of the members of the Commission and there was no negotiation with Commissioners in respect of remuneration.

Name/titleDate commencedDate ceasedFinancial yearCommission fees
Other benefits1
Kerry Adby1 October 2016 2016-1760 2775 726NIL
Chairperson of the Commission  2015-16N/AN/ANIL
Leigh Mackey21 April 2017 2016-1710 200969NIL
Commissioner  2015-16N/AN/ANIL
Chris Bevan1 April 2017 2016-179942944NIL
Commissioner  2015-16N/AN/ANIL

1 Other benefits includes the following:

  • post-employment benefits;
  • long-term employee benefits;
  • termination benefits;
  • payments as consideration for agreeing to hold the position;
  • share-based payments (including equity-settled share-based transactions, cash-settled share-based transactions and all other forms of share-based payment compensation (including hybrids))
  • cash bonus, performance-related bonus or share-based payment compensation benefit;
  • options and rights over an equity instrument provided as compensation.

2 All payments due to Leigh Mackey were paid to Ogilvie Jennings Lawyers, being her principal employer.

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