RBF Golden Ticket


Want to become part of RBF's most exclusive club? Your golden ticket holds the key to the most valuable gift RBF can offer its members - an RBF Life Pension. Available to only a select group of members, the RBF Life Pension provides you with a pension paid directly into your bank account. It may even assist your spouse after you have passed away.

Like all exclusive clubs, our RBF Life Pension does have some terms and conditions which members must meet before they are able to apply. This includes:

  • being a member of RBF before 15 May 1999;
  • holding a financial interest in RBF since this date;
  • attaining your preservation age or retiring on the grounds of ill health; and
  • limited other accounts.

There are different RBF Life Pensions available to you (if eligible), depending on when you joined RBF, including the ability to revert two-thirds of the pension to your spouse after you have passed away.

Don't make any decisions about your RBF superannuation until you have read the Fact sheet: RBF Pensions and the Contributory Scheme Life Pension fact sheet, considered your personal objectives, financial situation and needs and sought appropriate advice.

Even if you only have a small amount of money with RBF or you decide to move to a position outside the Tasmanian public sector, you can make extra contributions or roll money in to purchase an RBF Life Pension (if eligible).

Don't throw away this golden opportunity. Talk to RBF now! Call the RBF Enquiry Line on 1800 622 631.

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