About Us

The Department of Treasury and Finance is the central agency that provides the Government with advice on the economic and financial management of the State, on climate change, and on energy and renewables. Treasury also implements Government policies and programs, and performs analysis, monitoring and reporting functions on behalf of the Government.

What we do

The Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible to the Treasurer, Minister for Energy and Renewables and Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

The Department has overall responsibility for implementing strategies to achieve the Government's longer-term economic, financial and other policy objectives​. It:

  • provides the Government with objective advice on the economic and financial management of the State;
  • implements Government policy;
  • performs financial analysis, monitoring and reporti​ng functions on behalf of the Government;
  • sustainably manages assets and contributes to the development of future industries using Tasmania’s natural advantages; and
  • supports statutory bodies that administer:
    • State revenue collection
    • the regulation of gaming and liquor, and
    • the econ​omic regulation of the electricity and water and sewerage sectors.

Who we are

Treasury is committed to creating and promoting a working environment which recognises that all people are entitled to respect, dignity and appreciation for their contributions and in which all are honoured for their diverse abilities and strengths.
Through our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan 2021-24, Treasury recognises that all people have different skills, qualities, qualifications, experience and approaches to work, and that valuing and making the most of these differences can improve the workplace for individuals and enhance the overall performance of the Department.

Our aim is to challenge ourselves to move further along the continuum of developing a diverse and inclusive workplace.  Consistent with the State Service Diversity and Inclusive Policy and Framework, our forward plan incorporates the activities of women in leadership and gender equity and a key program of work to align Treasury's leadership, strategy and everyday norms and practices in the area of preventing violence against women with the five Our Watch Standards. This is a whole of Tasmania State Service initiative and aligns with the Government’s Safe Homes, Families, Communities: Tasmania’s action plan for family and sexual violence 2019-2022.

In the last Tasmanian State Service Survey held in 2018 we had a healthy 72 per cent response rate from our staff. Of those who participated, 92 per cent agreed there is a positive attitude towards employees who use flexible work practices or work part-time; 95 per cent agreed that Treasury is a safe working environment; and 77 per cent agreed that gender is not a barrier to their success. We are continuing to pursue strategies to further improve these results and to sustain Treasury's reputation as a great place to work.