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​Welcome to Treasury!

We are a values based organisation.

We offer a supportive, fun, flexible and professional workplace for all of our employees. We look forward to you joining our team. 



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Your Induction

Your induction to Treasury aims to help you settle into your new role quickly. It consists of:

  • reading key Treasury policies to make you aware of compliance and legislative requirements that apply to all staff (before you start - see content below);
  • meeting with a member of the HR team on the morning of your first day to: verify identify and payroll details; sign that you have read and understood key policies; and take your photo for security/identification purposes;
  • undertaking a Branch and role induction with your supervisor over the first few weeks of employment to build your understanding of the duties and responsibilities of your new position, team and Branch. Your supervisor may assign a Branch Buddy to help answer any questions you may have;
  • completing online induction modules to: give you an overview of how we do things at Treasury; increase your understanding of Work Health and Safety and practical ergonomics in the Treasury Workplace; be aware of Unconscious Bias so that you can make fair, unbiased decisions; and promote a mentally healthy workplace; 
  • attending a Welcome to Treasury Orientation with other new starters to build on important key topics including Governance, Ethics and Integrity, and Workplace Behaviours; and
  • attending a group induction within the first few months where staff from the Office of the Secretary will go through important information, including our organisational structure, key agency priorities and the corporate planning framework. 

If you have any questions when you commence, your supervisor, branch buddy or HR can help you.

COVID-19 Safe Behaviours

Before entering a Treasury workplace you must ensure that you do not have COVID-19 or any symptoms of COVID-19, and you undertake to act in accordance with the following expected behaviours:

  • maintaining 1.5m physical distancing where practicable;
  • following good health and hygiene practices at all times - wash hands regularly, dispose of tissues and used cleaning products in bin, clean any shared equipment after use;
  • staying at home if unwell and getting tested for COVID-19 if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms; and
  • following any applicable public health restrictions.​

Key Treasury Policies

Attached below are a set of key Treasury Human Resources Policies, and Information and Communication Management and Technology Policies that you will need to be aware of from commencement.

We encourage you to have a read of these prior to your commencement with us, as you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these policies when you visit HR on the morning of your first day.

Human Resources and Governance Policies

  Human Resources Policies   (4Mb) ​​

Information and Communication Management and Technology Policies

 ​Informa​tion and Communication Management and Technology Policies (636Kb)​


We encourage you to read the policies prior to your commencement with us.

Please click here to send​ an e​​mail ​​ acknowledging that you understood an​d agree to comply with the above policies. ​

If you require these documents in an alternative format, please contact​ HR on (03) 6145 5421

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact your new supervisor if you have any general questions about your new role.

If you have any specific questions about the attached policies, you will have the opportunity to meet the team and ask questions on your first day. You are also welcome to contact a member of the HR team before then on 03 6145 5421.


Human Resources Branch
Department of Treasury and Finance
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Phone: 03 6145 5421

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