Cooper Warmbrunn

​"The thing I like best about working at Treasury is the diversity of the workplace.”

Photo of Treasury Finance Cadet

I am currently working as an Assistant Research Officer (Cadet) as part of Treasury's Cadetship Program. The Cadetship program provides the opportunity to spend time within the various branches of Treasury. The role of a Cadet will vary depending on the branch which you are in, as well as how far through the Cadetship program you are. I am currently on my second rotation and am situated in the Government Finance and Accounting Branch (GFAB) where I moved after spending my first six months at Treasury as part of the Budget Management Branch (BMB). I am in my fourth year (completed two years full-time and one year part-time) of studying a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws double degree at UTAS.

The GFAB Cadet rotation differs from other Cadet rotations around Treasury. In this rotation, Cadets will have the opportunity to work with four different teams within the GFAB branch. So far, I have worked within the Whole-of-Government Reporting team where I assisted in preparing the Treasurer's Annual Financial Report (TAFR). I have also spent time with the CiAnywhere Project team where I assisted in the delivery of the upgrades to Treasurys Financial Processing System. My main role in the project was coordinating and monitoring user acceptance testing as well as providing organisational change support. I am now currently working in the Finance-General Budget team where I am involved in assisting to prepare the Finance-General Budget. Other tasks which I often undertake include preparing ministerial correspondence, parliamentary briefings and grant agreements.

The Cadetship program is for students who have just commenced or are a partial way through their undergraduate degree. I had completed two years of full-time study before joining the Cadetship program. The program was recommended to me by a friend who had a great experience at Treasury. I am very glad that I did apply as I have learnt so much and have been able to apply my university studies in a practical manner. Prior to joining Treasury, I worked at a bottle-shop in Howrah for four years, which I really enjoyed as it allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills such as my communication as well as the ability to work in a team or autonomously.

The thing I like best about working at Treasury is the diversity of the workplace. Being a Cadet, I get to move around the different branches of Treasury, as well as in some cases the different teams within a branch. This has enabled me to meet and work alongside so many people. I love meeting new people and learning more about them and their stories. Working at Treasury has enabled me to grow a large network and to work with a diverse pool of talented individuals. Everyone which I have had the pleasure to work alongside are intelligent and caring people who show a genuine interest in my life and my development. This is a testament to the workplace culture of Treasury.

I am a born and raised Tasmanian who has lived here all my life. I have a large family which is important to me. My parents and three sisters have all played a large part in my life and have helped shape me into the person I am today. It has been quite a change going from full-time study and casual work to full-time work and part-time study. I have always been a very social and active person and have played sport all my life, I currently play football for the Clarence Football Club and am captain of the Development League side. Having always balanced study, work, sport, and my social life I have developed good time management, organisational, and prioritisation skills which have transferred directly to my current role. It can be difficult to balance a full-time workload, study, sport, and social life however Treasury is a very flexible and supportive workplace, and the Cadetship program allows me to attend lectures and tutorials to ensure I stay on top of my studies.

I am a very social and active person, which is why I love team sports. I currently play football (Aussie rules) but have also played basketball, soccer, and cricket. I find sport as a great way to release and being a part of a team can have a very rewarding feeling, as well as a great social element. When I am not caught up at work, studying, or at football, I love to get away up the east coast of Tassie. I love to explore and hope to travel to Europe in the near future. I also want to get away to Canada or New Zealand and spend some time in the snow. I was fortunate enough to go on a school ski trip to Mount Hotham when I was in year 10 and I had the best time. I have always wanted to get back to snowboarding and dream of heading overseas to do so. ​

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