Gabriel Halton

​​“Treasury provides its staff with ample opportunities for professional development through on the job training and professional courses."

Staff - Gabriel Halton

My current role as Policy Analyst in the Intergovernment and Financial Policy Branch is fast paced, dynamic and rewarding. My work primarily relates to the organisation and preparation of meeting papers for key interg​overnment forums, such as the Council of Federal Financial Relations, and the analysis of more specific issues which often relates to funding agreements and national reform priorities. In addition, I also undertake more data driven tasks, such as forecasting and monitoring Government revenues in preparation for the State Budget.

Before starting my position at Treasury, I worked in fast-food while studying Economics and Mathematics at the University of Tasmania (UTAS). My previous work experience equipped me with relevant output management and communication skills, whereas University allowed me to build on my more technical skills. My experience in previous work places, and University, helped me perform in all of the roles that I have undertaken in Treasury.

Commencing with Treasury through the Cadet Program, I have worked in the Office of the Secretary, Economic Policy Branch and had a short stint in a specialised project team concerned with a longer-term outlook of the State's fiscal position. My time in the Economic Policy Branch and project team were pivotal in my professional development due to the technical work that demanded thorough research and analysis. My tasks throughout these roles ranged from data analysis, regulatory reform and review, organisation and minute taking of key meetings, and the analysis of economic and fiscal conditions of Tasmania. Exposure to this diverse range of work has helped me to further develop the myriad of skills I needed to perform in the public sector, and my current role.

Working at Treasury, as a central agency, often provides visibility to whole of government programs and broader national reforms; this oversight is immensely interesting. Treasury also provides its staff with ample opportunities for professional development through on the job training and professional courses. In addition, the Department's broad portfolio of responsibility provides vast room for career growth in areas suited to a number of different skill sets.

I spent the majority of my schooling life in Tasmania and chose to pursue further study to garner an understanding of the global economy and how it impacts Australia. Lectures at UTAS, and members of the Economic Society, broadened my understanding of economics, specifically on issues related to Tasmania. Ultimately, it was this interest that drove me to apply for a role at Treasury where I could continue to learn about Tasmania, its economy and the State Government.

​Outside of work I enjoy camping and hiking throughout Tasmania's pristine wilderness, playing sports (such as tennis) and tabletop games, and listening to live music with friends! Outside of my day-to-day hobbies, I hope to once again travel outside of Australia following the reopening of borders.​

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