John Wise

​"Treasury has been really useful for me in learning new work areas and giving me exposure to different perspectives and ways of working"

Photo of Treasury employee

I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from Utas, however, I found there weren't that many jobs as an economist in Tasmania when I graduated. That led me to work in the private sector for a large financial services company, before joining the Economic Policy Branch.

I've been at Treasury since 2009 and I think the ongoing theme of the roles I've had is a good work-life balance and stimulating work.

Since that time, I've worked in five branches of Treasury, working as a subject matter expert before taking on a manager role that I currently occupy. That movement through Treasury has been really useful for me in learning new work areas and giving me exposure to different perspectives, as well as ways of working - for example, in my last role I was a specialist analyst working with credit rating agencies and government businesses supervising no employees, while in my current role I supervise a team within the State Revenue Office that provides systems administration, intelligence and reporting, as well as education and training services. We perform a wide range of functions, to support the SRO's goal as set out in the Taxpayer Charter “Our aim is to act promptly and offer services that match the needs of the taxpayer". 

I've made a lot of use of end-of-trip facilities over my time through run and cycle commuting and exercising through lunchtime - this has been really valuable to me to use the time I have for exercise while having young children. I enjoy being able to shape and contribute to the workplace, with the opportunity to actively participate in working groups that shape Treasury policy - such as the Diversity and Inclusion Reference Working Group - which allows me an outlet to contribute to a work culture I want to be associated with. 

I've really valued what working in a central agency in a small jurisdiction can offer. Given the smaller scale compared to other Australian jurisdictions, the visibility and ability to have some influence in policy development and implementation process is very evident to me when working with my interjurisdictional colleagues.

​I really love being outdoors, so my hobbies are a bit cliché - running, riding, hiking spring to mind. Treasury has a great bunch of people that have I've learnt a lot from and have really enjoyed the camaraderie that comes from shared interests.               ​

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