Women in Leadership


The Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance is committed to maintaining a gender balance in our leadership group. In 2016 we set a gender target of 50/50 by 2020 for roles at Band 8 and above. In 2019 this target was reached.

How we support Gender Equity in Leadership

  • All our roles are advertised as flexible.
  • Our 'Flexible Working at Treasury' policy underpins an 'if not, why not?' approach to flexible work arrangements.
  • Our managers are trained in Making Flexible Arrangements Work.
  • Gender balanced shortlists are required for recruitments at Band 7 and above.
  • All staff undertake online training in unconscious bias.
  • Our managers and key recruiters have attended workshops to increase their understanding of unconscious bias and the role it plays in their decision making.
  • We have a 'Keeping in Touch' resource for when a staff member is taking a period of extended leave from the workforce.
  • Our staff have information technology resources that enable new, flexible and collaborative ways of working.
  • Our IT Roadmap supports our vision for staff to work flexibly, collaboratively and stay connected anywhere, any time and on any device.
  • We continually work to modernise our approach to recruitment and selection.
  • Our Senior Managers have an Inclusive Leadership KPI as part of their performance plans.
  • All our Branches develop Diversity and Inclusion actions as part of their Branch Planning.
  • Staff aspiring to leadership can apply to fill one of two 6-month rotational positions on our Executive Committee.
  • A Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group meets on a bi-monthly basis to advance our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan.
  • We provide access to a space for parenting and wellness activities in all our worksites.
  • We actively particpate in Whole of Government initiatives.
  • Our ​Job Rotation Framework provides an opportunity for permanent staff ​to work in different areas of Treasury.
  • Our Social Club has a commitment to running inclusive events and considers parent/carer friendly hours where possible.


Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group

Our Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group provides input and support for Treasury's overarching Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, in line with the State Service Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2017-2020. The Reference Group's focus is to support activities that will strengthen and embed gender equity at Treasury, as well as activities and projects identified in Treasury's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that will benefit other diversity groups.


The initiatives we take are developed within the context of a broader national movement towards gender equity, which acknowledges that gender inequity in Australia is a significant and complex social and cultural issue.

Our goal is a workplace which maximises performance and capability by enabling all employees to thrive equally. All staff should be able to participate and progress commensurate with their talent and aspirations and feel valued and inspired.

We are committed to the benefits of gender diversity being embedded.