Genevieve Henderson

I’ve found that Treasury is really supportive and accommodating to the needs of different people.”

Staff- Genevieve Henderson 

I am a Senior Policy Analyst in the Intergovern​ment and Financial Policy Branch (IGFP). I'm also studying part-time as I'm currently in my fifth year of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree program.

I'm currently part of a team that advises the Government on matters between the states, territories and Australian Government, such as major funding agreements relating to health, education, housing, disability, infrastructure, and the environment. A key role is to prepare briefings for the Premier/Treasurer ahead of regular monthly meetings between all the Treasurers from across Australia, to help ensure that the key issues for Tasmania are raised in these forums.

After a brief encounter with a science degree, a couple of gap years, switching to law, and spending a long time working in hospitality and retail, I heard through a friend about the Cadet program at Treasury.  As a law student, at first I was apprehensive about applying for a job at Treasury as I don't have much experience with finance or economics. However, I was successful in my application for a cadetship and was on the program for just over two years before I got a permanent position in IGFP. As a Cadet, I rotated to different branches within Treasury every 12 months. I was lucky to be placed in branches where I could not only use and develop the skills I already had, but was also introduced to tasks I was not as confident in. I was always supported by wonderful people who helped me learn the value of being willing to have a go at tasks outside my comfort zone. The skills I learned and the connections I made in this time continue to be invaluable to me.

I've found that Treasury is really supportive and accommodating to the needs of different people. There are not only great people here who have informally mentored me and supported me through different roles and challenges, but additionally, Treasury's formal policies are especially accommodating to me as a student. The study support policy allows me to attend Uni during work hours, and I'm also able to work from home or Uni if I have a gap between classes, rather than travelling backwards and forwards multiple times.

I also like that there are always opportunities to work on new and unexpected tasks, and I feel like I have gained, and continue to gain, a huge range of experience that will be beneficial throughout my career. 

I've lived in Tassie nearly my whole life and have always wanted to end up in a career where I am contributing to the community. Like a lot of people, I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, but I enjoy knowing that I am part of an organisation striving to achieve better outcomes for Tasmanians. Being my first job outside of hospitality or retail, I was very unsure of myself when first starting at Treasury. However, I have found that the key skills I picked up through that work and my studies have been very applicable to my roles here.  

When I'm not working or studying, I like to spend time with friends going to concerts, on walks or out to dinner - I'm always keen to try new restaurants around Hobart! I have also recently started taking Spanish classes. I have already travelled around Spain and some of South and Central America, where I picked up a little bit of the language. I would love to go back there one day and be able to get around a bit easier by being more fluent in Spanish!​

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