Annual Reports

​​​​Our annual report provides an outline of Treasury's activities and finances for the financial year to the Tasmanian Parliament and, through Parliament, to the Tasmanian community.

Under legislation, the annual report must be tabled in Parliament on or before 31 October each year. If Parliament is not sitting at that time, the Treasurer is required to deliver the annual report to the Clerk of the Legislative Council and the Clerk of the House of Assembly by this date. We endeavour to have a copy of the annual report placed on our website on the same day that it is either tabled in Parliament or, if Parliament is not sitting, the day that it is delivered to the two Clerks.

Treasury's first annual report was for the 1989-90 financial year. That report was produced in line with the requirements of section 27 of the then Financial Management and Audit Act 1990 and section 33AB of the then Tasmanian State Service Act 1984.​

We keep the last three years' annual reports on the site. Please conta​​ct us​ if you would like a copy of a previous report.
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