Right to Information disclosure log

​​​Treasury may publish information released in response to a request for assessed disclosure of information made under the RTI Act, where that information is determined by the delegated RTI Officer to be in the broader public interest. Information released in response to Right to Information requests will be published online within 48 hours of being released to the applicant.

This approach makes released information of public interest available to a wider audience and increases Government transparency and accountability.


Information in the disclosure log will generally be removed after 12 months, unless the information has enduring public value.

Applicants should note that:

  • if they seek and are granted a waiver of the application fee on the basis of general public interest, and it is determined that the information is in the broader public interest, publication of the released information is likely;
  • their identity will not be published (the category of applicant will be published, i.e. Member of Parliament, media representative, private individual);
  • a summary of the application will be published, to provide  context to the nature of the released information;
  • only information that is considered to be in the broader public interest will be published;
  • no personal information will be published; and
  • information of a commercial or confidential nature will not be published.

Further information is available in the Treasury Information Disclosure Policy and Procedures document.


Published Information: 


Release dateCategory of applicantSummary of requestDocuments released

Correspondence between the Treasurer and the Tasmanian Hospitality Association / Federal Hotels relating to poker machine licensing and their conditions from June 2017 to 24 January 2020.​RTI - Documents for release - ​Treasurer and Federal Group and​ THA
​Member of the Public
​A copy of all correspondence between the Treasurer and the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission since April 2018.
RTI - Documents for release - TLGC-Treasurer
Media​​​All Correspondence between the Treasurer, Treasurer's Office or Treasury and the Federal Group between January 2017 and May 2019 with regards to the drafting or developing of policy or legislation relating to gaming licences, gaming laws, a gaming monopoly, David Walsh, Museum of Old and New Art and the Tasmanian Hotels Association.​

RTI - Documents for release - July 2019 


Release dateCategory of applicantSummary of requestDocuments released
Member of Parliament​
  • ​​A template of the current pecuniary and/or conflict of interest declaration documentation used by the members of the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council (PESRAC).
  • Copies of all pecuniary and/or conflict of interest declarations submitted by the members of PESRAC.
  • Any records, including minutes, where any member of PESRAC has recused themselves from the Council’s deliberations.​

​RTI - Documents for Release - PESRAC Conflicts of Interest​
​Member of the Public
​The below information relating to sound levels and frequencies produced by the sound system within the premises of Mobius Nightclub (Despard Street, Hobart) as per the conditions of their out-of-hours permit:
  • ​​Details of how many times the recorded sound and frequency data from Mobius has been sought and received by Liquor and Gaming since April 2017; and
  • Copies of any recorded sound and frequency data received by Liquor and Gaming in order for it to be analysed by a recognised noise expert since April 2017.
​Member of the Public
​Copies of the current liquor licences, out-of-hours permits and any special licences for Telegraph Hotel; Mobius Nightclub; The Lower House and Gold Bar.

Copies of all licences, liquor permits (including out of hours permits), application forms, internal and external correspondence relating to permit applications and/or negotiations for liquor licences or permits for the Telegraph Hotel since 1990.
RTI - Documents for release - OOHP Telegraph-Mobius-LowerHouse-GoldBar 

​Member of Parliament
​A copy of the Launceston Flood Risk Management Deed 2008.

RTI - Documents for release - Launceston Flood Risk Management Deed 2008   

Office of the Superannuation Commission

Release dateCategory of applicantSummary of requestDocuments released​
​Review of previous decision relating to:
  • The figures relating to former Liberal MP Rene Hidding's payout, including superannuation and entitlements, after he retired earlier this year (2019).
RTI Review - Documents for release - Hidding

RTI original - Documents for release - Hidding

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