Corporate Direction

​​​The Corporate Direction identifies our priorities for 2019-20, as well as our mission, key stakeholders and strategic risks. It is a key part of our corporate planning framework.

​   Corporate Direction 2019-20   (91Kb)


From the Secretary

In 2019-20, Treasury will continue to work in a changing and challenging environment. We will be responsible for contributing towards and overseeing achievement of the Government's Budget Savings Measures announced in the 2019-20 State Budget. Additionally, our business-as-usual tasks, including delivery of the State Budget and key projects such as the Treasury building divestment, implementation of the Financial Management Act 2016 and energy and gaming reforms will require careful management of departmental priorities.

We received positive stakeholder survey results in 2018, and this year we will continue to focus on early consultation and communication with stakeholders to ensure that we produce effective policy, regulatory and fiscal outcomes for the Government and the community.

Treasury will also continue to improve the capability of our people through implementation of our Women in Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion strategies.

Tony Ferrall