Fiscal Sustainability Report 2019

​​Under section 14A of the Charter of Budget Responsibility Act 2007 (the Act), the Department of Treasury and Finance is required to prepare a report on the long-term sustaina​bility of the Tasmanian Government’s finances, to be prepared no later than five years after the date of the previous report.

This Report considers the longer-term sustainability of the State’s finances by examining a number of possible outcomes under different scenarios. While this Report has been prepared consistent with the requirements of the Act, it is not published under the provisions of section 14A of the Act. Consistent with section 14A of the Act a further report will be prepared and tabled in both Houses of Parliament, by the Treasurer, prior to 30 June 2021.

  Tasmanian Government Fiscal Sustainability Report 2019   (15Mb)

  Tasmanian Government Fiscal Sustainability Report 2019 - Question and Answer Sheet   (288Kb)​




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