FMA Treasurer's Instructions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Treasurer's Instructions have been issued under section 51 of the Financial Management Act 2016 to apply from 
​1 July ​​​​​2019. The Financial Management - Better Practice Guidelines​ have been developed to assist Accountable Authorities and responsible officers with their financial management responsibilities, including compliance with the Treasurer’s Instructions.

The Treasurer's Instructions issued under section 23 of the repealed Financial Management ​and Audit Act 1990 have been withdrawn.

​​Financial Control

  FC-1 Compliance with Treasurers Instructions   (195Kb)

  FC-2 Internal Audit   (62Kb)

  FC-3 Finance Manual   (54Kb)

  FC-4 Losses   (199Kb)

  FC-5 Fraud and Corruption Control   (195Kb)

  FC-6 Delegations   (194Kb)

  FC-7 Managing Receipts, Payments and Bank Accounts   (208Kb)

  FC-8 Foreign Currency Exposure   (56Kb)


  FC-9 Tasmanian Government Card   (219Kb)

  FC-10 Prepaid Expenditure   (194Kb)

  FC-11 Taxation   (200Kb)

  FC-12 Grant Management   (208Kb)

  FC-13 Ex-gratia Payments   (202Kb)

  FC-14 Write-offs   (200Kb)

  FC-15 Indemnities and Guarantees   (206Kb)

 FC-16 Contributions to Entities in the Public Non-Financial Corporations and Public Financial Corporations Sector (PDF 64Kb)

  FC-17 Engagement of Legal Practitioners   (206Kb)

  FC-18 Agency Restructures   (200Kb)

​  FC-19 L​eases   (220Kb)

  FC-20 Specific Purpose Accounts   (201Kb)

  FC-21 Agency Trust Accounts   (204Kb)

Financial Reporting

  FR-1 Agency Data Requirements   (54Kb)

  FR-2 Administered and Controlled Items   (195Kb)

  FR-3 Format of Financial Statements   (194Kb)

  FR-4 Annual Reports   (200Kb)


  B-1 Budget Management   (212Kb)

  B-2 Authority for Expenditure from the Public Account   (194Kb)


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