State Budget Community Consultation

​Community consultation is an important part of the annual Budget development process. Input from the community into this process is highly valued by the Government. 

The Government previously conducted a community consultation process in relation to the 2020-21 Budget, with advertisements placed in Tasmanian newspapers on Saturday 26 October 2019 seeking written submissions from the Tasmanian community in late 2019. However, in March, the Government announced that due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-21 Budget had been deferred until 12 November 2020.

Opportunity for updated submissions

Given the impacts on Tasmania’s social and economic environment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has occurred since the 2020-21 Budget development process was initially commenced, the Government would like to provide organisations and people that previously provided a submission as part of the 2020-21 Budget process, the opportunity to provide an updated submission. In providing this opportunity, it is recognised that the Government and government agencies have been in ongoing contact with many organisations over the past few months as it has identified and finalised the assistance to be provided as a result of the pandemic, both to support the Tasmanian community’s health and wellbeing and to support our business community. Consultation with the community has also been undertaken by the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council. Community groups that have previously made a submission to the 2020-21 community consultation process have been contacted directly regarding this opportunity. 

When are updated submissions due?

Updated submissions are due to the Department of Treasury and Finance by Wednesday 5 August 2020.

How do I provide an updated submission?

Please forward your submission to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Email address:

Other Submissions

If a community group or individual that did not previously provide a submission to the 2020-21 Budget process now wishes to make a submission, these will be accepted by email by the due date detailed above.

Given the timing of the 2020-21 Budget process, there will be a slight delay in the due date for the provision of submissions in relation to the 2021-22 Budget process. It is currently expected that the due date for these submissions will be 10 December 2020. Further information on the 2021-22 community consultation process will be provided in coming months.

General Queries

For any general enquires in relation to the process please email​ and someone will get in touch relating to your query. ​

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