State Budget Community Consultation

Community consultation is an important part of the annual Budget development process. Input from the community is a long established element of the Budget process, and is highly valued by the Government.

All community groups and individuals can make submissions to the 2023-24​​ Budget community consultation process.

When are submissions due?

The Premier has announced that the 2023-24 Budget will be tabled in Parliament in May 2023. Written submissions are due to the Department of Treasury and Finance by 14 October 2022. Following the receipt of submissions, these are provided to relevant government agencies for consideration as part of the Budget process.

How do I provide a submission?

Please complete and attach a Community Consultation ​Submission Cover Sheet and forward your written submission together with the cover sheet to the Department of Treasury and Finance via the below email address.

Email address:

What should I include in my submission?

To better align submissions with current Government Budget priorities, the Treasurer has endorsed a targeted community consultation process. It is requested that your submissions focus on the following areas:

  • Supporting Tasmanians with the rising cost of living;
  • Improvements that could be made to existing Government services or processes, including grant application and/or management processes; and
  • Opportunities to improve services that are directed towards vulnerable people.

The information provided in the body of your submission should provide supporting details, information, and discussion in relation to any recommendations. This will assist readers in gaining a good understanding of why the issue is important to you or your organisation.

Please attach the Community Consultation Submission Cover Sheet with your submission by the due date of 14 October 2022.

​General Queries

For any general enquires in relation to the process please email  and someone will get in touch with you shortly.​

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