Population projections for Tasmania and its Local Government Areas

​Every five years, the Department of Treasury and Finance prepares population projections for Tasmania covering a period of 50 years and for Tasmania's Local Government Areas for 25 years.

The last series of projections were published in April 2019 and consisted of three different scenarios, starting from the ABS estimated resident population as at 30 June 2017.

Since these projections were prepared, the ABS has released population data that have been rebased with the ABS 2021 Census of Population and Housing. The rebasing of Tasmanian population data with the 2021 Census has led to a significant upward revision to the previous population estimates, with much stronger growth recorded than under any of the population projection scenarios.

As the latest population estimates are now considerably higher than any of the projection scenarios, it is considered that they are no longer appropriate to be used for planning purposes. As such, the population projections have been temporarily removed from this website.

The required data to produce a comprehensive new set of population projections are not yet available. However, an interim update of the previous projections will be developed by applying the previous projection growth rates to the rebased population estimates. These are likely to be published in early October 2022.​

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