2024 Population Projections for Tasmania and Local Government Areas

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the projections​

Every five years the Department of Treasury and Finance prepares official population projections for Tasmania and each of its local government areas. The projections indicate what Tasmania's future population would look like if certain trends were to hold true. They also provide an indication of how the population might be distributed among different regions of the state, and among different age groups for males and females.

The 2024 Population Projections were released on 17 May 2024. Further and detailed information about the projections is available in the 2024 Population Projections final report.

A quick guide is available below that provides users with a guide on how to use the projections and provides answers to potential frequently asked questions.

Detailed population projection output files are provided in the supporting spreadsheets section below.

Final report​

TasPOPP 2024 - Tasmanian and local government area population projections 2023 to 2053 - final report

Quick guide

TasPOPP quick guide​

Supporting spreadsheets​

In addition to the final paper, below are a suite of spreadsheets containing detailed projection data. The projections include a medium, high and low series, with the medium series considered the most likely outcome if current trends and expected future developments continue. Please refer to the consultation paper for a full explanation of the three series.

Main output file - contains historical population and projections and components of change for the State and each LGA, including by age group, and for each series (medium, high, low); and

State population pyramid - an interactive and animated chart that allows you to compare the distribution of the Tasmanian population in different age groups across time for each series.​

Medium series supporting spreadsheets

Medium series draft projections - Main output file.xlsx

Medium series draft projections - State population pyramid.xlsm


High series supporting spreadsheets

High series draft projections - Main output file.xlsx

High series draft projections - State population pyramid.xlsm


Low series supporting spreadsheets

Low series draft projections - Main output file.xlsx

Low series draft projections - State population pyramid.xlsm​ 

Summary profiles - a concise two-page workbook containing medium series projection tables and charts for Tasmania and each LGA. ​

TasmaniaBreak O'Day
Central Coast
Central Highlands
Circular Head
Derwent Valley
George Town
Glamorgan-Spring Bay
Huon Valley
King Island
Meander Valley
Northern Midlands
Southern Midlands
West Coast
West Tamar​

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