Board Appointments to Government Business Boards - Procedures and Templates

​​​​These documents are provided to assist Government Businesses and Departments undertaking Board Appointments under the Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Businesses - Board Appointments.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Shareholder Policy and Markets Branch at Treasury:

Please visit the Cabinet Office website for a Board Appointment Cabinet Briefing template.

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BA-PRO1103 Procedure for Probity Checks of Recommended Candidates 

PDF, 532 Kb
BA-CH01 Director Appointment Checklist - for Businesses
Word, 80 Kb
BA-CH02 Chairperson Appointment Checklist - for Portfolio Department
Word, 70 Kb
BA-CH03 Director Appointment Checklist - for Portfolio Department
Word, 60 Kb
Board Appointment Templates
BA-TP1101 Performance Review Form
Word, 36 Kb
BA-TP1102 Selection Panel Agenda
Word, 30 Kb
BA-TP1103 Skills Assessment Matrix
Word, 60 Kb
BA-TP1104A Role Statement (Non-executive Director)

BA-TP1104B Role Statement (Chairperson)
Word, 40 Kb

Word, 44 Kb
BA-TP1105 Minutes of Panel Meeting
Word, 40 Kb
Word, 40 Kb
BA-TP1107A Probity Ch​eck - File Note

BA-TP1107B Probity Check - Checklist

Word, 39 Kb

Word, 33 Kb
BA-TP1108 Panel Report
Word, 40 Kb
BA-TP 1116 Appointment Letter GBE
Word, 75 Kb
BA-TP1117 Appointment Letter SOC
Word, 90 Kb
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