Government Business Enterprises Treasurer's Instructions

​​Part 06 Charters and Plans

​Treasurer's InstructionAssociated Guideline
  Corporate Plan   (110Kb)   Corporate Plan Guidelines   (412Kb)
  Statement of Corporate Intent   (81Kb)   Corporate Plan Guidelines   (412Kb)

Part 07 Financial Affairs

  Investments   (71Kb)

Part 08 Accounting Records, Financial Statements and Reports

​Treasurer's Instruction​Associated Guideline
  Application of Australian Accounting Standards (132Kb)
   Requirements and Certification of Financial Statements   (99Kb)
  Annual Report and Statement of Compliance   (75Kb)   Director and Executive Remuneration   (744Kb)
  Quarterly Reports   (85Kb)   Reporting Guidelines   (361Kb)

Part 09 Community Service Obligations

   Application for Community Service Obligations   (116Kb)

   Community Service Obligations   (137Kb)

Part 10 National Taxation Equivalent Regime

   National Taxation Equivalent Regime - Implementation   (97Kb)

  National Tax Equivalent Regime - Prescribed GBEs and Prescribed Subsidiaries   (84Kb)

Part 11 Guarantee Fees and Dividends

​​Treasurer's InstructionAssociated Guideline
   Guarantee Fees   (131Kb)   Borrowing Arrangements Guidelines   (783Kb)
  Dividends   (56Kb)   Dividend Guideline   (233Kb)

Part 13 Miscellaneous

​Treasurer's InstructionAssociated Guideline
   Obtaining Legal Advice as to the Scope and Functions, Powers and Responsibilities   (85Kb)
   Payment of Accounts   (87Kb)   Payment of Accounts Guideline   (110Kb)
   Superannuation   (116Kb)   Superannuation Guidelines   (1,680Kb)
   Buy Local   (74Kb)   Buy Local Guideline   (312Kb)