Productivity Commission Inquiry into HFE

In April 2017, the Federal Treasurer tasked the Productivity Commission to undertake a public inquiry into the impact on our national economy of Australia‚Äôs system of HFE.

The inquiry is to consider the influence the current system of HFE has on productivity, efficiency and economic growth, including the:

  • movement of capital and labour across state borders;
  • incentives for the States to undertake fiscal (expense and revenue) reforms that improve the operation of their own jurisdictions; and
  • States' abilities to prepare and deliver annual budgets.

The inquiry is to also consider whether there are preferable alternatives to the current system and the implications for equity across jurisdictions, efficiency and simplicity.

More detailed information can be found in the terms of reference (ToR).

As a result, in May 2017, the Commission invited interested people and organisations to make a written submission addressing the issues and questions raised in the ToR.

View Productivity Commission publications and Tasmania's submissions relating to the 2017-18 Inquiry into HFE.

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