2020 CGC Methodology Review

In November 2016, the Commonwealth Treasurer issued terms of reference (ToR) for the 2020 Methodology Review. The Commonwealth Grants Commission (CGC) is using the principle of HFE to guide the outcome of the Review and will provide a final report by 28 February 2020.

Throughout the 2020 Methodology Review, Tasmania will work collaboratively with the CGC to ensure Tasmania's case for a fair and equitable distribution is heard. Tasmania has made, and will continue to make, submissions in response to the CGC’s discussion papers and proposals.

View CGC publications and Tasmania's submissions relating to the 2020 Methodology Review.

Work Program

The CGC has developed an indicative work program for the 2020 Methodology Review in consultation with the Commonwealth, State and Territory Treasuries.


For more information on the CGC and the 2020 Methodology Review, visit the Commonwealth Grants Commission website (https://www.cgc.gov.au/).


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