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​​​COVID-19 Support measures

Please go to the COVID‑19 support​ page for

  • Liquor and gambling financial support measures being administered by the Liquor and Gaming Branch.

​​​​​Liquor and Gaming Branch arrangements

Liquor and Gaming Branch staff are now working remotely as a result of COVID-19 controls. The reception counter at our offices at 4 Salamanca Place, Hobart and Henty House Launceston are closed until further notice. 

You can keep up‑to‑date via our website and if you have a query about your licence or permit please email us at or at​.

​The Liquor and Gaming Branch regularly publishes a newsletter with seasonal alerts and other news. You can find it on the Recent News page.  ​

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They can be found in Liquor Licence Decisions​ page​​.

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