​​​​​Concerns or complaints - What to do

If you are a licensee, staff member or a member of the public and you observe an incident or become aware of an issue that you think does not comply with the current requirements, you may direct your concern or complaint to one of the following organisations.

Incident or issueContact
Sale or service of liquor in a licensed premises, such as non-compliance with Responsible Service of Alcohol obligationsLiquor and Gaming Branch via email: or complete the Liquor complaint​ form
Excessive noise from bands or recorded music coming from a licensed premises

Your Local Council:

Tasmanian Council Directory

Illegal sale of liquor, intoxication in a public place, or issues of public annoyanceCall the non‑emergency Police Assistance Line 131 444
​The conduct of gaming or wagering activities in premises
​Talk to the manager/licensee of the premises where the issue occurred


If you are not satisfied with the outcome, contact the Liquor and Gaming Branch via email​ or, or complete a Gaming or Wagering complaint form

Workplace COVID-19 safety issues, such as non-compliance with physical distancing or the number of customers allowed at any one time in a premisesWorkSafe Tasmania via email:​
Concerns regarding non-compliance with COVID‑19 quarantine requirements or gatherings, indoor and outdoor, where the number of people exceeds the current restrictions or call the Tasmanian Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738​

The Liquor and Gaming Branch deal with complaints relating to:
  • the sale and service of liquor at licensed premises; and
  • the conduct of gambling including wagering activities (for example: playing gaming machines, keno, participating in table gaming, participating in placing bets on racing or sporting events etc.)

Making a Complaint

Step 1: Talk to the manager or licensee of the business
  • Talk to the manager or licensee of the business where the complaint has arisen. This can be a quick and easy way of resolving complaints.
Step 2: Talk to the Liquor and Gaming Branch
  • If you have tried to resolve the complaint directly with the business and are not satisfied with their response, you can escalate your complaint to the Liquor and Gaming Branch for consideration.
Step 3: Make a written complaint

Complaint process

You will receive acknowledgement within five working days that your complaint has been received by the Liquor and Gaming Branch. Complaints are responded to within twenty working days of complaint receipt or within an advised timeframe for more complex investigations​.

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