Harm Minimisation Technologies

​​The Minister for Finance directed the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission to investigate the extent to which facial recognition technology and player card gaming for electronic gaming machines in casinos, hotels and clubs could minimise gambling harm (see Ministerial Direction 1/2021​). 

The Commission's report was released 15 September 2022:

 TLGC Report to the Treasurer - Investigation of harm minimisation technologies: facial recognition and player card gaming  (PDF 1Mb)

​The Government's response to the Commission's report is provided below:

 Tasmanian Government Response - TLGC Report -  Investigation of harm minimisation technologies (PDF 116Kb)​

Supporting Materials

 Gambling Harm Minimisation Technologies - Research Paper (Stenning & Associates) (PDF 2Mb)​

 Harm Minimisation Technologies Consultation Questions (PDF 357Kb)​

 Harm Minimisation Technologies Consultation Paper and Questions (PDF 614Kb) - for face-to-face sessions with the Tasmanian Hospitality Association, Federal Group and community sector organisations, including Anglicare, TasCOSS, the Salvation Army and the Uniting Church.

Tasmania has a pre-commitment system operating in the casinos. 

F​​indings from the Feasibility Assessment Report, prepared by Gaming Consultants International, was released in June 2022.

 Gambling Harm Minimisation Technologies - Feasibility Assessment Report (GCI) (PDF 2Mb)

​What did stakeholders say?

49 written submissions were received with four marked confidential. The remaining 45 submissions are available from the links below. Summaries from two face-to-face sessions are also included (items 50 and 51). "HMT" refers to harm minimisation technologies.


 1. West Tamar Council HMT Submission (PDF 713Kb)

 2. COMS Systems HMT Submission (PDF 287Kb)

 3. Quaker Peace and Justice HMT Submission (PDF 379Kb)

 4. Gaming Technologies Association HMT Submission (PDF 164Kb)

 5. Aristocrat HMT Submission (PDF 435Kb)

 6. Olde Tudor Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 244Kb)

 7. Hon Meg Webb MLC HMT Submission (PDF 251Kb)

 8. Foreshore Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 233Kb)

 9. Tall Timbers HMT Submission (PDF 378Kb)

 10. Alliance for Gambling Reform HMT Submission (PDF 287Kb)

      11. Confidential

 12. Brighton Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 815Kb)

 13. Risdon Brook Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 619Kb)

 14. Alexander Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 173Kb)

 15. Argosy Motor Inn HMT Submission (PDF 148Kb)

 16. Bridge Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 188Kb)

 17. Elimatta Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 155Kb)

 18. Formby Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 132Kb)

 19. Lighthouse Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 151Kb)

 20. Neptune Grand Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 145Kb)

 21. River Arms Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 174Kb)

 22. Seabrook Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 160Kb)

 23. Somerset Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 188Kb)

 24. Midway Point Tavern HMT Submission (PDF 774Kb)

 25. Campbell Town Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 253Kb)

 26. The TRC HMT Submission (PDF 614Kb)

 27. Deloraine Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 7Mb)

 28. Sunnyhill Tavern HMT Submission (PDF 48Kb)

 29. Black Stallion HMT Submission (PDF 48Kb)

     30. Confidential

 31. Orford Blue Waters HMT Submission (PDF 111Kb)

 32. Club Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 107Kb)

     33. Confidential

     34. Confidential

 35. Park Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 218Kb)

 36. THA HMT Submission (PDF 362Kb)

 37. Marquis Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 1Mb)

 38. Plough Inn HMT Submission (PDF 479Kb)​

 39. Cassy OConnor and Peter Whish Wilson HMT Submission (PDF 253Kb)

 40. TasCOSS HMT Submission (PDF 2Mb)

 41. Bayside Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 182Kb)

 42. Black Buffalo HMT Submission (PDF 856Kb)

 43. Beltana HMT Submission (PDF 868Kb)

 44. Cooleys Hotel HMT Submission (PDF 881Kb)

 45. Kings Meadows HMT Submission (PDF 856Kb)

 46. Kingston HMT Submission (PDF 891Kb)

 47. Beachfront Bicheno HMT Submission (PDF 875Kb)

 48. Federal Group HMT Submission (PDF 1Mb)

 49. Uniting Church HMT Submission (PDF 496Kb)

 50. Community Sector HMT Summary (PDF 236Kb)

 51. GSP HMT Summary (PDF 349Kb)

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