Harm Minimisation Technologies

This consultation is now closed.


The Minister for Finance has directed the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission to investigate the extent to which two technologies for electronic gaming machines in casinos, hotels and clubs could minimise gambling harm (see Ministerial Direction 1/2021​). These measures are:

  • ​​facial recognition technology

This technology would be used for the purpose of alerting the presence of a person entering a premises or gaming area who is potentially registered as an excluded person on the Tasmanian Gaming Exclusion Scheme database.

  • ​ player card gaming

This refers to restricted use cards, either physical or digital emulation of a card (e.g. a digital wallet), with the functionality of or similar to an account, that at a minimum can identify the player, provides cashless gaming and the ability for players to set spend and time limits. Additional functionality may include the ability to track gambling activity, prompt breaks in play and identify excluded persons.​


The Commission is interested in understanding the extent to which these technologies could minimise gambling harm, and the costs and benefits of implementing these technologies in Tasmanian casinos, hotels and clubs.

Research on the use of these technologies in national and international gaming environments has been undertaken by an independent consultant. A copy of this report can be found here​:

 Gambling Harm Minimisation Technologies - Research Paper (Stenning & Associates) (PDF 2Mb)​

Tasmania has a pre-commitment system operating in the casinos. A link to the relevant Rules ​and Standards can be found here.

Survey Questions

1.     What do you see as the benefits, costs and/or issues in implementing facial recognition technology in Tasmanian casinos, hotels and clubs?

a.     For pla​yers?

b.     For venues?​

2.     What do you see as the benefits, costs and/or issues in implementing player card gaming technology in Tasmanian casinos, hotels and clubs?

a.     For players?​

b.     For venues?​

3.     What pre-commitment feature or combined features would be the most effective in reducing gambling harm?

4.     To what extent will the proposed f​eatures and processes assist players to minimise the risk of experiencing harm from gambling?

5.     Are there any oth​​er considerations the Commission should be aware of in implementing either technology?


You can submit a response on this topic by email to consultation.lagb@treasury.tas.gov.au. If you wish for your response to be published anonymously or treated as confidential, please advise in your email.



Consultation is now closed.


What next?

Written responses will be considered by the Commission and incorporated into a report to the Minister.  Responses will be published on the Consultation page of this website unless marked confidential.​

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