​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is the current schedule of liquor and gaming fees for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 and supersedes all other references to fees in various forms.

Fee support in response to COVID-19

All fees and charges which are subject to the Fee Units Act 1997 have been frozen at 2019-20 values for the 2020-21 financial year.

Liquor and gaming fee waivers have ended. The standard fees now apply. 


Manual payments can be made by completing the credit card payment authority. Some payments can be made as part of online applications (Mastercard or Visa) or paid at Service Tasmania (cash, Mastercard, Visa, EFTPOS, cheque or money order).​​​​​

Liqu​or Fe​es​​

Liquor Lice​​nces​​

 Application feeGrant feeTransfer feeAnnual fee
General licence$1,296.00​
On-licence (operating as a restaurant)$648.00
Club licence$1,296.00
Special licence$648.00
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine at winery/cellar door)$324.00
Special licence (sale of Tasmanian wine from vineyard only)$162.00

Liquor Per​​mits​​

 ​​​Permit duration and fee​ ​ ​ ​
Less than 7 days7 days to 12 months (both inclusive)> 12 months
up to 2 years
> 2 years
up to 3 years
Out-of-hours permit$81.00
Less than 4 days4 days to 30 days6 monthsAnnual
Special permit$64.80
 12 months   
Small producers permit$137.70

Variation of licen​​c​​e or permit conditions

 Application fee
General licence$145.80
Club licence$145.80
Special licence$145.80
Liquor permit$72.90

Interim authority to​​​ act as licensee

 Application fee
General licence$162.00
Club licence$162.00
Special licence$162.00

Gaming Fees

​​Licenced Premises Gami​​ng Licence

 Application feeRenewal feeAnnual fee
Gaming machines or Keno and gaming machines$923.40
Gaming machines (per machine in excess of 10)N/AN/A$113.40
Licensee request to amend a licence and/or conditions$202.50

Tasmanian Gaming​​ Licence

Application fee
Tasmanian Gaming Licence$48,600.00
Variation to roll listing$162.00


 Application fee
Associate (each nominated)$129.60

Special Employee Lic​​​​ence

 Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Casino Operative$194.40$194.40
State-wide Gaming Operative$194.40$194.40
Licensed Premises Gaming Operative$194.40$194.40
Licence upgrade$145.80N/A
Licence replacement$32.40N/A

Technician L​​icence

 Application feeRenewal fee (5 year licence)
Technician Licence$194.40$194.40

Minor G​​aming Permit

 Application fee (1 year permit)Application fee (2 year permit)
Minor Gaming Permit$121.50

Foreign Games P​​ermit

 Application feeRenewal fee
Foreign Games Permit$1,620.00$1,620.00
Variation to roll listing$162.00N/A

Gaming equ​​ipment recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers

 Application feeRenewal fee
Roll of recognised manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment$810.00

Redefine casi​no boundaries

 Application fee
Redefine casino boundaries

​2020 COVID-19 fee refunds

You may be eligible for a refund if during 2020 a payment was made for a fee that was later waived or reduced. To apply for a refund, complete the relevant form below and email to refunds@treasury.tas.gov.au​.



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