Apply for Special Employee's and Technician's Licence Online

A Special Employee is a person employed by a casino, hotel or club to undertake specific gaming duties, such as operating keno or attending to gaming machines.

A Technician is a person who installs, services, repairs or maintains gaming equipment in Tasmania or undertakes software / hardware development, testing and analysis. A technician is not a special employee and is separately licensed.

The following is a step by step guide on how to apply for a Special Employee’s or Technician’s licence.

Step One - obtain a digital colour passport style photo, this can be taken with a smartphone or scanned to your electronic device.

The photo should be a clear image on a plain white or light background with the face looking directly at the camera.

The online application requires you to upload a colour passport style photo, this should be jpeg, jpg or png format.

Step Two - obtain a digital copy of two forms of identification, one of these must be photo identification, for example a driver licence.

You can scan or photograph the identification to your smartphone or electronic device.

The online application requires you to upload a copy of your two forms of identification, this should be jpeg, jpg, png or pdf format.

Step Three - Complete all fields of the online application, and attach your digital colour passport style photo and digital identification documents.

Step Four - Make payment with your Visa or MasterCard credit card. The application fee for a Special Employee’s Licence or Technicians Licence is currently $189.60.

Apply for a Special Employee's or Technician's Licence