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​50-Line games

Lines on gaming machines

Approved gaming machine games in Tasmania offer a range of play options, including the number of lines that players may choose to play.

What are line-based games?

Line-based games allow players to place bets on lines. Lines refer to the combination of symbols on rows and correlate with the games pay table, which shows the prizes awarded for certain combinations of symbols on lines.

What is the maximum number of lines permitted on a gaming machine game?

The maximum permitted number of lines made available for play on a gaming machine is 50 lines.

How do I know which 50-line games have been approved in Tasmania?

Please contact gaming machine manufacturers that are on the Roll of Recognized Manufacturers available at:

How do I install 50-line games?

To install 50-line games that have been approved in Tasmania, please contact the Monitoring Operator Maxgaming for more information.

How do I know if the games in my venue have 50-line options?

To determine whether a game installed in your venue allows for 50-line game play options, please contact the manufacturer of the game.

How can already installed games in my venue offer 50-line game play?

If there are games installed in your venue that allow for 50-line game play, you will be able to log a service request through Maxgaming to have the configuration changed for the games you wish to offer 50-line game play. ​


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