Licence holder resources

  • ​​​​​Self-assessment checklist: Follow the checklist to ensure that you are doing the right thing.​
  • Information for players: Gambling operators must provide information on gambling laws, support services and the chances of winning. ​​
  • Signage​: Check that you have the correct signs in place, or download replacement signs for printing.

Venue Operator Procedures - Electronic Gaming Machines

These procedures cover operational matters relating to electronic gaming machines and may provide guidance to support licence holders to meet regulatory requirements.

A link to the procedures can be found here: Venue Operator Procedures - Electronic Gaming Machines - 1 July 2023.

Staff Register - Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG)

The Commission's General Control System Standards require licence holders to maintain, on the premises, an up-to-date record of all its employees who interact with patrons participating in gaming and wagering.

The record must include the following:

  • employee's name
  • date of commencement of employment
  • date five years from the date of issue of the employee's responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) qualification (RCG expiry date)
  • copies of RCG certificates

Records may be kept electronically, provided they can be produced to an Inspector on request.

Exemption to ​Cash Che​​​ques

The Commission's Responsible Gambling Code of Practice prohibits the cashing of cheques at an approved venue or approved outlet unless an exemption has been approved by the Commission, or the patron is an international visitor.

Where an exemption has been approved, or the patron is an international visitor -

  • no more than one cheque is permitted to be cashed, per day, per customer at:
    • a hotel or licensed club (to a maximum value of $100 for gambling purposes); or
    • a casino (to a maximum value of $200 for gambling purposes); and
  • before a cheque is cashed for gambling purposes, the operator must check whether the person is excluded from gambling.

The Commission may consider approving an exemption where the licence holder can satisfactorily demonstrate that the venue is located in an area where cheque cashing facilities are otherwise unavailable and this this service is essential to the community.

The Commission's guidelines for seeking an exemption can be found here: Guidelines for seeking exemption to cash cheques​​​.​

Statutory Declaration for the Destruction of Gaming Equipment at a Disposal Site

Section 4.4 of the Gaming Equipment Transport, Storage, Installation and Disposal Standards requires that an approved statutory declaration is completed confirming witness to the destruction of gaming equipment.

Prescribed licence holders must complete the following statutory declaration:​ Statutory Declaration - gaming equipment destruction.

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