Minor Gaming Permit


​​​​​​​​Minor gaming is gaming where the proceeds are used for a not-for-profit organisation or for charitable reasons (such as education, welfare, sport and recreation), and not for the private gain or benefit of any person, except by way of charity.

The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission has authorised a number of games including bingo, raffles, lucky envelopes and Tassie's best punter as minor gaming.

The Commission has also exempted certain games from requiring approval, including small raffles, tipping competitions and sweepstakes. You can find out more about the conditions of each exemption on the Exempt Ga​mes​ fact sheet​.  ​

Application for a Minor Gaming Permit​​

Conducting Mi​​nor Gaming​

Minor Gaming Permits are issued for a period of either one or two years, and subject to the conditions ​of a Minor Gaming Permit.

Once a permit is held, each activity conducted under it must be separately approved using an Individual Activity Notification form​. Depending on the game and the specific circumstances, notification forms can relate to a single instance (i.e. one specific raffle) or to an extended period (i.e. the sale of lucky envelopes on a premises over an entire Minor Gaming Permit).

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