Authorised games


An explanation of each of the authorised minor games are below, including the rules and conditions that apply.

Forms to apply for a minor gaming permit, and to notify the Commission of individual activities, are on the forms page​.​


Lucky envelopes are a form of pre-determined lottery. They may also be known as 'bingo tickets', (due to the word 'bingo' spelt along the front of the ticket), 'pull-tabs' or 'break opens'. Lucky envelopes cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Lucky Envelopes Rules and Conditions

Notice of Distribution Form

Return of Sales for Lucky Envelopes ​

A minor gaming permit is required where the retail value of the raffle prizes is above $5 000. Raffle proceeds must be used exclusively for the lawful purposes of a not-for-profit organisation or a charitable purpose and not for the private gain or benefit of any person

If the total prize value is $5 000 or less, a permit is not required (the activity is considered exempt). The rules or conditions for conducting a raffle must still be followed.

Raffle Rules and Conditions

Raffles - Electronic Draw Method Approval

Bingo is a game in which each player is given a card with numbers printed on it and the winner is decided by the player matching randomly selected numbers to the numbers on the player's ticket.

Bingo Rules and Conditions

Instant Draw Bingo

As this game may only be played in conjunction with a bingo session it is only necessary to submit an individual activity notification for the bingo sessions at which the game will be played (i.e. that is only one notification must be submitted covering both bingo and Instant Draw Bingo).

Instant Draw Bingo Rules and Conditions

Calcutta Sweepstakes

A calcutta sweepstake is a combination of a lottery and an auction.  Participants purchase a ticket in the draw for a contestant in a race or event. At the completion of the draw, the successful tickets (“contestants") are then auctioned.  Only successful and unsuccessful ticket holders may bid for a contestant.  Traditionally prizes of the stake are issued for first, second and third placed contestants.

Calcutta Sweepstakes Rules and Conditions

Dancing Dollars and Tassie's Best Punter are also authorised games in Tasmania. Please contact the Liquor and Gaming Commission for more information on these games.​




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