Conditions of a Technician Licence

IN accordance with Sections 68 and 56 of the above Act, the TASMANIAN LIQUOR AND GAMING COMMISSION (the Commission) hereby revokes all previous conditions and imposes the following conditions on the licence of a technician as follows:

    It is a condition of every Licence that -

    1.1 the Licensee must comply with the Act and any direction, rule or regulation made thereunder that relates to their category of licence.

    1.2 the Licensee must not, in accordance with Section 56(3) of the above Act, participate in gaming while on duty other than as required in the course of his or her employment.

    1.3 the Licensee must not participate either directly or indirectly in table gaming, keno gaming or gaming machine gaming in any casino or licensed venue, unless exempted by the Commission under Section 2 of these Conditions.

    1.4 the Licensee must not participate either directly or indirectly in any activity authorised by a Tasmanian Gaming Licence which is being conducted by their employer on a site hosted by their employer.

    1.5 the Licensee must produce the Licence issued under Sections 55(2) and 68 of the above Act on request of an authorised officer of the Commission.

    1.6 if the Licensee undertakes work in the hotel and club gaming machine operation, or in the operation of keno, the Licensee must comply with the "Getronics Maintenance Procedures - Tasmanian Gaming" as amended from time to time.

    1.7 if the Licensee undertakes work in a casino, the licensee must comply with the Internal Control and Accounting Manual as amended from time to time that specifically relates to that casino.

    1.8 if the licensee undertakes any function associated with installing, maintaining or upgrading gaming equipment for the holder of a Tasmanian Gaming Licence, the Licensee must comply with the internal control, accounting and administrative procedures relating to gaming activities conducted by the Licensed Provider.

    1.9 the Licensee must comply with any other technical specifications or requirements approved by the Commission and notified to the Licensee.

    1.10 the Licensee must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the gaming equipment is functioning in a manner in which it is designed and programmed to function.

    1.11 the Licensee must not do anything which would jeopardise the integrity of the gaming equipment.

    1.12 where required by the Commission, the Licensee must certify on an approved form, that the equipment is functioning in the manner in which it was designed and programmed to function.

    1.13 if the Licensee is employed by a casino or gaming operator, then the Licensee, other than in the course of undertaking his or her duties, must not enter or remain in any casino licensed gaming area.

    1.14 a licensee, who leaves the employ of a licensed provider, must not gamble with that licensed provider or on a site hosted by that licensed provider for one month after the date of cessation of employment.

    1.15 the licensee must inform the Commission, in writing, within fourteen (14) days, if any of the following events occur to the Licensee:

    • there is a change in name or marital status;
    • there is a change in postal or residential address;
    • the Licensee is charged or convicted with any offence (excluding minor traffic offences for which the maximum penalty is limited to a fine only) in Tasmania or any other jurisdiction;
    • a gaming regulator in any other jurisdiction has refused, suspended, taken disciplinary action or cancelled a licence held by the Licensee;
    • the Licensee becomes a bankrupt or enters into an arrangement or composition with the Licensee's creditors under the Bankruptcy Act 1996; or
    • there is a change in employment of the Licensee.


    2.1 A person holding a Technician Category B Licence is able to play gaming machines, except in a casino operated by their employer, and is able to play keno, but not whilst on duty or prior to a shift. In a casino where they are employed, the Licensee must not play keno other than in an area specifically approved for the licensee to play keno and notified to the casino operator.

    2.2 A person holding a Technician Licence employed by a Licensed Provider and not employed either directly or indirectly by either a Casino or Gaming Operator, may participate in table gaming, keno gaming, and gaming machine gaming in a Tasmanian casino or licensed venue.

    2.3 The Commission may, by notice in writing, exclude any gaming area from the provisions of Section 1.13. The Security Manager of the casino, or his or her delegate supervising the shift, may grant a temporary exemption in special circumstances.

DATED this 17th day of November 2008
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