The Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme (TGES) is based in the Gaming Control Act 1993. The Scheme provides a means for patrons to exclude themselves from gambling. People can be excluded from gambling in a number of different ways:

 Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme Fact Sheet (155Kb) 

This is where a person experiencing gambling problems excludes themselves from gambling. This is organised through a counsellor who, in addition to assisting with the self-exclusion process, is able to help the person with their gambling problem. These counsellors are listed under support services.

Venue Operator Exclusion
This is where the licensee of a venue or their staff excludes a person where they believe that the person's behaviour is affecting their own welfare or the welfare of others. The venue operator has significant power to exclude a person where they consider that it is appropriate and where the reason is gambling related.

Third Party Exclusion
This is where a person with a close personal interest in the welfare of another person, applies to the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission for that person to be excluded from gambling (including internet-based gambling).

Third Party Exclusion Fact Sheet and application form - Online Gambling (200Kb)

Third Party Exclusion Fact Sheet and application form - Venue Gambling (201Kb) 

If I see someone gambling in my premises who I know is excluded, what do I do?
As a member of staff you must do your best to ensure that they stop gambling and leave the gambling area or premises, depending on their exclusion arrangements. If the person will not leave despite your efforts to persuade them, you must not use physical force to remove them. In the event that physical force is the only way that the person will leave, contact Tasmania Police for assistance.

Always contact us to let us know about the incident. We will need to know the name of the excluded person, the venue where the incident occurred and the date of the incident.

How will my personal information be used if I am an excluded person?

For information on how your personal information will be used in relation to the TGES, please review the Personal Information Protection Statement.​

Self-Exclusion from Internet-Based Gambling
This is where a person experiencing gambling problems through an internet-based gambling site, excludes themselves online. This can be undertaken by following the prompts available on the site or by speaking with helpline staff. Links to problem gambling organisations will also be accessible online. This type of exclusion is for a minimum period of 6 months. 

The Online Exclusion Database

The purpose of the database is to enhance the effectiveness of the TGES for individuals with problem gambling behaviours. It enables access to information for venues and the Gamblers Help Program managing exclusions within the Scheme.

The TGES is administered by the Department of Treasury and Finance, Liquor and Gaming Branch.

If you require access to the database, complete an access request form and submit it to: tges@treasury.tas.gov.au

 Exclusion Database Access Form (PDF 38Kb)​

If you have access, you can log into the database here: TGES Login  

Where can I get further information?

A list of 'frequently asked questions' is available by clicking h​ere​.
If you require further information you can contact us by email at gaming@treasury.tas.gov.au or by phone on 6166 4040.


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