​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The rules applicable to gambling activities in Tasmania are detailed below.​​

​Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission Rules for Industry

Surveillance Rules​

​Official Rules of Casino Games​

Keno Rules

Wagering Regulation

The national guidelines below relate to the independent review process required for in-house development and ongoing delivery of responsible service of online wagering training. This is to be read in conjunction with the Tasmanian Gaming Licence Commission Rules.

 Tasmanian Gaming Licence - Guidelines - Independent Review for in-house training (responsible online wagering services) (PDF 184Kb)​

The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission has approved a number of "Sports Events" on which wagers can be placed in Tasmania. A list of approved sports events is available on the link below.

  Approved Sports Events

Corporate Bookmaker Requirements

To operate as a corporate bookmaker in Tasmania, current or potential corporate bookmakers must comply with the requirements of the Gaming Control Act 1993. To assist in identifying obligations under the Act, a series of fact sheets have been prepared. These fact sheets have been developed to cover what is considered to be the main topics impacting on potential operators. Nonetheless, other provisions within the Act may also apply and therefore it is important that potential operators are aware of all their obligations under the Act. 

A​gent Arrangements(111Kb)​​

Audit Process (122Kb)

Bank Accounts and Bank Account Audits (81Kb)

Disciplinary Process (138Kb)

Dormant Accounts (113Kb)

Exclusions (Registered Players) (148Kb)

Gaming Equipment Approval (79Kb)

Internal Controls (124Kb)

Players Funds Deductions (82Kb)

Registered Player Complaints (110Kb)

Remitting Funds of Active Players (80Kb)

Roll of Recognized Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Recognized Gaming Equipment (114Kb)​​​

Self Limit on Wagers by Players (124Kb)

Special Employee Licensing 

Sports Events 

Wagering Guarantee 

Wagering Rules

Further information regarding wagering activities in Tasmania can be obtained by contacting 

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