Resources for Licence Holders

​Rules and Regulations

Mandatory Code of Practice 
Are you meeting the requirements of the Code? 
Do you know the warning signs of a customer experiencing gambling-related harm?​
Ensure that you understand your responsibilities to your patrons.  ​

Tax Rates Relating to Gaming Activities in Tasmania

Gaming Activity​ Tax Rate
Gaming machines - casinos, hotels and clubs25.88 % of annual gross profit
Gaming machines - hotels and clubs Community Support Levy 4 % of annual gross profit
Gaming machines for TT-Line (Spirit of Tasmania vessels)17.91% of annual gross profit
Casino table games0.88 % of annual gross profit
Keno5.88 % of annual gross profit
Lotteries - no state lotteriesA revenue sharing arrangement with Victoria and Queensland provides for Tasmania to receive tax collected in those states for all tickets sold in Tasmania.
Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission rules and standards for licence holders. ​

Venue Requirements

Licensees are required to meet minimum requirements for surveillance. Is your surveillance system in place and working correctly?

Self-assessment checklist
Follow the checklist to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

Information for players
Gambling operators must provide information on gambling laws, support services and the chances of winning. ​

Check that you have the correct signs in place, or download replacement signs for printing.

What you need to do if someone wants to exclude themselves from gambling or is already excluded from gambling.

Licensing staff

​Make sure that you employ licensed staff in gaming venues.

Staff Regist​​er​​

A register must be maintained by the Gambling Operator/Licence holder and include the details of all special employee licence holders or totalizator employees employed by the Gambling Operator/Licence holder. The following details must be include where applicable: 

  • Name of staff member
  • Commencement date of employment
  • Special employee licence number
  • Expiry date of licence
  • Expiry date of RCG qualification
​The register is to be provided to Liquor and Gaming Inspectors if requested.
Licence holders may keep the records electronically.

A sample of the staff register for the information of licence holders is provided here.​

Coin Chan​​​ge Machine Loca​tion

Measure 4.8 of the “Access to cash" section of the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania requires coin change machines to be located in the line of sight of main staffed areas of the licensed venue and in the position approved by the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission.

Venue Licence holders must submit floor plans along with a Coin Change Machine Location Approval Request Form to the Commission which identifies the main staffed area/s in which the machines are intended to be located. Approval of the machines forms part of the application process for a venue licence.

 Coin Change Machine Location Approval Request Form​ (PDF 128Kb)

Exemption to ​Cash Che​​​ques

Measure 4.6 of the “Access to cash" section of the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania prohibits the cashing of cheques on licensed premises, unless an exemption has been granted by the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission (or the customer is an international visitor).

The Commission will consider approving an exemption where the licence holder can satisfactorily demonstrate that the venue is located in an area where cheque cashing facilities are otherwise unavailable and that this service is essential to the community. To find out how to apply for an exemption, refer to the following guidelines:

 Guidelines for seeking exemption to cash cheques (PDF 71Kb)