Gaming and Wagering Industry Data

​This table shows the total number of gaming machines in casinos, hotels and clubs in Tasmania.
Note: Gaming venues were closed from 23 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health restrictions. Keno, wagering and minor gaming activities were allowed to recommence from 5 June 2020 with other gaming activities allowed to recommence from 26 June 2020.
Gaming Machine NumbersCap
Number of casino gaming machines1 185 
Number of hotel and club gaming machines
2 305
2 500
Total number of gaming machines3 490
3 680
Gaming machine cap – each hotel 30
Gaming machine cap – each club 40
Number of gaming machines – Spirit of Tasmania vessels36 

This table shows gaming machine expenditure for the previous financial year compared to the financial year to date.

Gaming Machine Expenditure ($M)*
 Financial Year 2019-20FYTD 31 March 2020FYTD 31 March 2021
Hotel and club79.4978.1389.50
Casino and Spirit of Tasmania vessels50.8049.5260.06

These figures are reported on an accrual basis (ie the month the gambling occurred).
This table shows the total number of gaming licences and permits in Tasmania.
Gaming Licence and Permit Numbers
Licensed premises gaming licence150
Casino operator licence2
Gaming licence (Spirit of Tasmania vessels)2*
Tasmanian gaming licence
Gaming operator licence1
Foreign games permit**2
Minor gaming permit239
Special employee licence2823
Technician licence418

* Figure has been updated to reflect the dual gaming licences of the two Spirit of Tasmania vessels.
** Tattersalls Sweeps Pty Ltd and Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Ltd each hold one Foreign Games Permit.

This table shows the number of gaming and wagering premises in Tasmania.
Gaming Premises Numbers
Total gambling premises263
Number of premises with gaming machines97
Number of premises with keno152
Number of premises with UBET131
Number of premises with lottery92

Note: Some premises may have multiple forms of gaming and wagering available.

This table shows the number of exclusions issued under the Tasmanian Gambling Exclusions Scheme.

Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme
 As at 30 June 2017As at 30 June 2018As at 30 June 2019As at 31 March 2020As at 31 March 2021
Self exclusions298293280293278
Third party exclusions22211
Venue operator exclusions8098140135128
(People with both venue and self-exlusions)3413138
Total excluded people377389409416399

​This table shows the total gambling tax paid in Tasmania in 2019-20. For gambling tax paid in previous years go to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission's annual report.
Gambling Tax ($M)2019-20
Hotel and club gaming24.19
Casino gaming14.27
Betting exchanges0.00

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