Applying to Sell Liquor

​​​Liquor Licence​​

For businesses and organizations that are generally seeking to sell liquor on a regular daily basis. For example hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, wholesalers, bottle shops, delicatessens, tourist business operators, larger sporting clubs.

There are five types of liquor licence: general, club, on, off, and special.

Special Permits/Club Permits​

Generally applicable where the sale of liquor is on an occasional basis or for a specific function. Permits are generally issued to not-for-profit organizations holding fundraising, social or sporting activities or a businesses conducting a major event such as a concert.

A special permit authorises the sale of liquor on premises when no other authority for the sale of liquor has been issued. There are four types of special permit based on the amount of time a permit is required:
  • up to four days;
  • four to thirty days;
  • six months; and
  • twelve months.
Special permits include Club Permits, which authorise a person to sell liquor on behalf of an incorporated sporting club for up to 15 hours per week.

Small Producer's Permit​​

A small producer's permit allows Tasmanian craft and boutique liquor producers to sell their liquor at more than one event during the period of the permit.

Existing Licence Holders​​

Those already holding a liquor licence may need to alter or vary the particulars of the licence, transfer the licence to another person, or apply for a related permit.

Out-of-Hours, On or Off Permits​​

Licence holders can apply to continue serving liquor after midnight using an Out-of-hours Permit, or to sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises where doing so is not already authorised under the licence. 

Transferring a Liquor Licence​​

A licence holder may transfer their licence to another person once approved by the Commissioner for Licensing. 

Interim Authorities and Absentee Licensees​​

An interim authority to act as licensee authorises a person to act as licensee where the current licensee is unable or unwilling to exercise the authority of the licence.


Licence Variation or Alteration​​

​A licensee may apply to make reasonable adjustments to a licence by way of variation, or to alter the area of the licensed premises.