Out-of-Hours, On or Off Permits

​​​​​​​​​​​Out-of-Hours Permit​

An Out-of-Hours permit is required to authorise the sale of liquor on licensed premises for any period between midnight and 5am.

An Out-of-Hours permit authorises the sale of liquor on the premises between specified times and subject to conditions specified in the permit. The sale of liquor is not authorised during the approved hours of the permit unless the permit is being displayed.

The Commissioner for Licensing must not grant an Out-of-Hours permit unless satisfied that the sale of liquor would not cause undue annoyance, disturbance, or the occurrence of disorderly conduct in the neighbourhood

If you would like to trade after 2am you will need to comply with the current Surveillance​ Standards​.

  Application for an Out-of-Hours Permit (268Kb)

Off Permits

Licensees holding an on licence who also would like to sell liquor for consumption off the licensed premises for specific occasions or events (such as street dining) can apply for an Off Permit.

On Permits​

The consumption of liquor on premises with an Off Licence can be authorised for specific occasions with an On Permit.​

  Application for an On Permit (204Kb)​​​