You should submit a special permit application at least 7 days before the date you require it (i.e. your event or function date). 

If an application is submitted with less than seven days notice, it may not be assessed or granted in time.​​


There are four types of special permit based on the amount of time a permit is required:

  • less than four days;
  • four to thirty days;
  • six months; and
  • twelve months.

A special permit can only be held by a person who is at least 18 years old.  The permit is issued to the person who applies on behalf of an association, society, organisation, club or other bona fide body running the event or function.

A special permit authorises the sale of liquor on premises where there is no existing authority. The Commissioner for Licensing may grant a permit if satisfied that the principal purpose of the function is not the sale or consumption of liquor and that this is incidental to the event, and if satisfied that it is reasonable to grant the permit.

A special permit does not authorise liquor to be sold on premises if the use of those premises for that purpose is otherwise unlawful.

If liquor is being provided by way of an entry fee into a function, a cost per glass or pre-sold tickets then it is considered that liquor is being sold and a special permit will need to be obtained. A special permit is not required for private functions such as weddings or birthdays where the liquor is provided by the host at his/her own expense. If a function is "BYO only" generally a liquor permit is not required.

Special Permit less than four days

Special Permit application (4-30 days/6 months/12 months)

Special Liquor Permit information​


A special permit (Club Permit) authorises the sale of liquor on the premises of a sporting club, generally up to 15 hours per week. Club permits are issued for the sale of liquor where the primary purpose is related to the sporting activities of the Club.  Applications should be submitted at least 28 days prior to the date you wish to start selling liquor.​

To apply for a club permit:

 Club Permit - Operating Conditions (PDF 113Kb)​

 Liquor permits for clubs fact sheet (October 2021) (PDF 215Kb)

A small producer's permit allows Tasmanian craft and boutique liquor producers to sell their liquor at more than one event during the period of the permit.  Written confirmation from the Commissioner for Licensing is required for each event at which the Small Producer wants to sell liquor.

A permit is granted for 12 months covering the approved events detailed in the initial application. During that time, should the permit holder want to sell liquor at a new event, they must notify the Commissioner (by email at least 7 days before the event is held, seeking approval for the sale of liquor at that event.

Events include farmer's markets, community festivals, food festivals and agricultural shows.

See the forms page​ for a Small Producers Permit Application andf a Request for Event Approval form.


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